The internet is an incredibly busy and noisy digital high street. Your website is your store. Inside, you keep the goods or services you offer customers or clients. But are your window displays capturing their attention? Is your digital marketing drawing them in?

The First Place We Check

Google. It’s the source of, on average, over 40,000 search queries every second. And that’s exactly where your customer journey begins.

The first place we go in search of information on a brand or business is Google. The results will give us a reasonable first impression.

Lots of page hits — topped by a website, followed by a list of social media channels — indicate an active online presence. It’s an endorsement of your business. Google’s telling us that you’re legit, established, and worthy of our attention. Congratulations. Everyone’s favourite online go-to guy just got you noticed.

Your customer is ready to start browsing. But will they like what they see?

Capture Their Interest

Good stores attract, entice and welcome customers with interesting window displays. The best stores craft clever displays in creative ways that really catch the eye — think Selfridges. And they change their displays regularly. Keeping things fresh and interesting, and targeting different customer demographics. Or highlighting different products. All with the purpose of getting people into the store.

That’s where you make the sale.

How Does This Apply To Digital Marketing?

Your various social channels are windows into your online store. They push people to your website. But, unlike physical window displays on the high street, your virtual windows will need dressing and redressing frequently.

A lot can happen in an internet minute. There are many distractions. You have to cut through the noise.

This is where digital marketers, like Social INK, come in.

Digital marketers are in charge of your window displays — your social channels. We update the content regularly, target different audiences, and think of creative ways to engage people and get them to your website.

Businesses that value digital marketing and social media know this already. Major brands throw huge sums of money at online marketing. They recognise that, if they don’t regularly change their digital window displays (or pay someone to do it for them), they are at an immediate disadvantage when compared to the competition.

But dressing your virtual windows doesn’t need to come at a tremendous expense.

With Digital Marketing, You Get What You Pay For

You’ve got this far, so let’s explore the benefits of engaging Social INK to manage your social media and digital marketing efforts.

Imagine your car has broken down. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that.

However, you could pick up a Haynes manual (and a set of tools) or find a YouTube tutorial to help you fix your car. But, the likelihood is you’ll probably take it to a mechanic. A professional. Someone who does this kind of thing day in, day out.

Sure, it’ll cost you. But it’ll save you time, effort, and probably money, in the long run.

When you engage a professional to do a job for you, you’re not only paying for the work that you’ve asked them to do. You’re paying for the knowledge and experience they’ve gained over the years.

And this is priceless.

It can be the difference between getting the job done right, or making a right job of it.

Social media and digital marketing is no exception.

You could do it yourself. But wouldn’t it be better to get someone to do it for you? Someone who knows what they’re doing, because they do it all day, every day.

This could be the most important link you click.

If you’re interested in finding out how Social INK can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out here. Get to know Social INK. Find us. Follow us. Join us. Connect with us.

Gareth Alvarez
Gareth Alvarez

Gareth, Social INK’s Head of Content (sometimes playfully referred to as ‘spellcheck’), just adores words. He’s written copy for ads, websites, and blogged extensively. Content marketing is his bag. He loves getting creative with his writing.