Digital Marketing Coaching for Dynamic Brands and SMEs

Our belief here at Social INK is that every company should have the skills and tools they need to create engaging digital campaigns. That’s why we thrilled we can finally share our digital marketing coaching programmes over on Post Like Share.

Since 2017 we’ve wanted to help more businesses as an agency. It’s not always easy, as budgets and resources often restrain startups and small businesses from being able to engage. Now, they don’t have to compromise.

Whether it’s specifically Social Media you need help with, or whether it’s newsletter mail lists, growing your audience or simply generating more leads online. Our agency team are here to help you, and your business, excel when it comes to your digital marketing.

Our digital marketing coaching at Post Like Share is a blend of recorded training, live coaching and one-to-one session. It’s all hands on, and it’s all about getting you up to speed and comfortable with yourown channels and branding. We integrate your existing online presence into our solutions, which means you learn, develop and grow your business during our sessions.

If you are a small business owner,solo-preneur or an established company simply looking to improve online, our courses are designed specifically for you.

Not everyone wants to, or can, outsource their digital marketing, and if you are part of that group, we now have a digital marketing coaching solution that will suit you.

Our current flagship programme, the PLS Accelerator, is now accepting applicants for our next cohort. Don’t miss out.

Social INK - Digital Marketing Coaching
It was great that the coaching was bespoke to our personal objectives. I thought Chris really grasped our business well during the day. I have already actioned some suggestions with more to follow after some tweaks in our systems etc… Very much enjoyed working with Chris – I find it very valuable getting outside input in our marketing from time to time as you can get too absorbed in what you do and sometimes the obvious and simple is missed.

Kate – Flicx UK