As 2020 kicks off, and businesses are getting back into the swing of work, there’ll be a flood of content around, all about putting together your plans for the year. But for us, community is 2020!

I feel it’s always important to remind ourselves about the bigger picture. What your business cares about. And what it’s going to prioritise. 

When you have properly defined what your business stands for, and what impact you want to have on the world in 2020, the rest should fall into place.

At the end of last year, the team at Social INK spent some time thinking about what we wanted to focus on based on the core beliefs that we had established as a group of digital marketers. 

We’re excited, first and foremost, by some of the exciting businesses that we consult with and encounter through our daily interactions and conversations (both on- and offline). In the startup world of Renewable Energy, AI, BitCoin, FinTech, Social Media (to name a few), there are some truly inspiring businesses and founders trying to change the world through their products. We believe that these businesses are the engine that drives positive change in society.

The services, skills, expertise and products that we have developed are forged on the belief that to have an effective product or service you need to be engaging with the community. Not just shouting at it. 

We help build communities and engage in conversations that lead to conversions. 

Just like on the All About Digital Marketing podcast.

If you fail to engage with a community, whatever you’re building becomes little more than a shot in the dark. And, in many situations, it leads to wasted development costs. But, most importantly, it’s missing the purpose of a startup — to solve a problem.

Founders should be product-focused. That’s what they love. However, it’s a potential rabbit hole. It can become all too easy to dig your head in the sand and lose yourself in product development, thinking that some new feature will make the end product perfect. The so-called “build it and they will come” mentality. 

We support businesses at all stages of their community development through social-first, focused content. An approach that builds an online presence, showcasing products and services in a way that excites potential audiences and delights current fans. 

We plug into these businesses. As consultants, we work in close collaboration with their leadership to implement a community-focused strategy. As an agency, we deliver a “done for you” service, developing content and conversations born from the close bonds we forge with the founders, startups and scale-up businesses we work with. 

With this in mind, we want to share our methodology with as many founders, startups and scale-ups as possible throughout 2020. Our focus is on meeting new businesses. Helping them engage with their existing communities. Or giving them the support they need to start building their own. To achieve this, we know exactly what we’ll be doing in 2020.

We plan to make as much of an impact as possible, delivering training, consulting, recording podcasts, publishing content and presenting keynotes. 

We want to talk to founders who don’t need to be convinced that “community” will be the buzzword of 2020. And we want to help them put the social back into their social media to make this a reality. 

Simply email us on [email protected] and we’ll set up a time to talk about you can start building your community.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James, Commercial Director here at Social INK, is a strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability for seeing the big picture, then breaking it down and systematising the processes needed to achieve it.