Social INK’s Marketing For Small Businesses 101: Social Media Profile Do’s and Don’ts


There’s a lot to consider when establishing a presence for your business on social media. Most importantly, that it doesn’t end with the setup! It’s all about ongoing relationships, so we’ve boiled the essentials of good social media down to 7 key do’s and don’ts.

1. Voice

DO Find your own voice and use it. Authenticity goes a long way with your customers, and they can see through corporate marketing babble easier than ever. Be human, be real.

DON’T Impersonate other brands, or try to throw around slang you’re not familiar with. If you have to look it up on urbandictionary, you probably shouldn’t be using it.

2. Flow

DO Keep a consistent flow of content. If you disappear for weeks at a time, your customers will forget you’re out there. Make sure that content ends up on the platforms that people would expect it to.

DON’T Try to make a text-heavy YouTube post, or write pages of copy for Twitter. Match the message to the medium. Make sure that flow doesn’t turn into a torrent — spamming your followers with relentless updates will drive them away.

3. Engagement

DO Respond to people who tag or comment on your content. Let them know they’ve been heard and try to be funny and sympathetic as needed.

DON’T Just shout into the void. Social media isn’t just a billboard with one single message. Adapt, respond, personalise!

4. Percentage

DO Remember the rule of 80/20. In other words, 80% of your content should be to inform or entertain. Selling or pitching should only make up 20% of your output.

DON’T Go for the hard sell at every opportunity. Give customers the facts and let them follow the trail.

5. Consistency

DO Keep your brand consistent over every platform. No matter where customers encounter you, they should recognise you.

DON’T Duplicate content. Repetition just fades into the background. Share the same information multiple times, but in a different way each time.

6. Transparency

DO Be transparent. Respond to criticism or awkward questions, and be proactive about it.

DON’T Try to hide if things go wrong. Stay away from unnecessary blocking and getting defensive. Mistakes are a learning opportunity.

7. Excitement

DO Catch the eye. Good visuals in the right spots will get positive attention and associations. Don’t just tweet, use a picture or video to make it pop on busy timelines.

DON’T Be boring. Nobody gets on social media to read a mission statement or dull statistics. Put some personality into the content.

In Summary

Social media is about relationships. Initiating, building, developing them. One-way traffic won’t get you very far. The customers and reactions you get from it will match the level of effort and individuality that you put in.

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