Social INK’s Marketing For Small Businesses 101: Optimising Video Content

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How many times have you wanted to listen to a certain song? Look up quick DIY tips? Or reviews of a business you’re interested in?

Where’s the first place you look? YouTube? Vimeo? It’s almost certainly a video-streaming platform.

There’s been a digital revolution. The world is now at our fingertips, quite literally since the advent of smartphones.

The biggest shift in this, is the use of video-streaming as a marketing tool. Gone are the days of putting an advert in a newspaper. Or even crafting a quick pop-up advert. Times are changing and businesses need engaging and innovative methods to reach the ad-block friendly audience.

In 2017, video traffic accounted for 69% of all global consumer internet traffic, and that’s set to rise to 80% in 2019.

While video-streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo may once have been seen as the domain of piano-playing cats, dancing hamsters and rants about popstars, it’s now a powerful marketing tool.

In fact, 51% of marketing professionals state that video is the content with the best ROI.

That’s a huge proportion of the market.

So, how best to utilise this video revolution for your business?

The Rise Of The AMA

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. Simply put, it’s an open conversation between a host and their community members.

The traditional way to host an AMA was via Reddit. Their /r/IAmA/ subreddit currently has over 18 million subscribers and has hosted AMA from high-profile names such as Bill Gates, Dr Jane Goodall and Buzz Aldrin.

But once again the video revolution is taking hold, and people are moving towards video-streaming to offer their live AMA sessions.

An AMA is a great opportunity to add a human face to your business. It’s a direct line of contact between a business and their interested customer base. By hosting a video AMA, you add even more value to your brand by being visible.

Potential customers can not only interact with the human side of your business, but they can watch as their questions are answered. It’s a great way to encourage transparency and trust.

Of course, this is the internet.

Not everyone joining your AMA will want to discuss business topics like coding, marketing or statistics. But, that’s the beauty of the AMA. It can go both ways and still be successful. When Barack Obama hosted an AMA on reddit, he was asked about the White House Beer recipes, and his answer was honest, heartfelt and delightful.

That’s the power of the AMA - by being open and honest with your potential customer base, you build trust and support for your brand. Whether that’s discussing your career highlight, secure coding or just your favourite type of hot beverage.

The Benefits Of AMA Sessions

The main benefit of an AMA session comes from adding a personality to the business. By showing potential customers a more human side, it allows them to build stronger feelings for the brand and this in turn inspires trust and loyalty.

It’s a quick way to meaningful and engaging interaction between a business and consumers. There are no lengthy and time-consuming email chains, no awkward phone calls and no reason to pack yourself sardine-like into public transport to make a scheduled meeting. It’s a link directly between the business and the customer - without even having to leave your living room.

But, that’s not all. By hosting an AMA via a video-streaming platform you’re giving yourself a recorded reference of the questions your potential customers most want to know.

All of the content is infinitely reusable. It can be broken down into shorter videos, or transcribed to build an FAQ. You can segment the video into blog posts and expand deeper on topics you covered in the AMA. If you explained how a part of your business works, then it’s a handy how-to or introduction that you can embed into your website.

The final benefit is perhaps an unexpected one. People are individuals - all capable of thinking in their own unique ways. By opening up a forum for discussion, you may find that members of the public raise issues you had never considered. Or that a comment sparks an idea you had never previously had. Hearing directly from the consumer can inspire new ways of problem solving and business innovation.

By opening up your business for an AMA, you could reap the benefits.

Loyalty, content and innovation.

Other Ways To Use Video Content

While an AMA is certainly one of the best uses of video, it’s certainly not the only use.

With research showing that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading text, it’s time to look at new ways to utilise videos.

In fact, videos can be used for just about everything - from embedding a welcome message into your website to sharing how-tos or technical information on a streaming platform - the sky really is the limit. Just don’t accidentally share a video of you drunken dancing at your cousin’s wedding - no-one needs to see that!

Video content is excellent for branding. You can show the customer who you are and what your business is about rapidly and cohesively.

It gives you a chance to explain the value and purpose of your brand, while allowing viewers to tap into your knowledge and passion - and it’s much easier to digest than a lengthy mission statement.

The other huge benefit of using video-streaming platforms is that you can reach their audience and benefit from their high search engine results.

If you make a video and share it to YouTube, then you will gain a higher result than you could independently because of their connection to Google and visibility. This in turn will improve your SEO and encourage visitors to click through to your website.

Social INK & Video: A Match Made In Heaven

We’re huge fans of video content over at Social INK. We love the rapid and responsive nature and the opportunity it gives businesses to connect with their audience.

For emerging or evolving businesses, it’s a great chance to show the general public the value and heart behind your brand.

Recently STRYKZ have hosted AMA sessions with both the co-founder and CMO Christian Szymanski and brand ambassador Luís Figo.

The session with Luís Figo covered everything from Figo’s thoughts on cryptocurrency to who he thinks will win the World Cup. The session offered the general public the chance to learn more about Styking and their upcoming STRYKZ token as well as chat to a football star about his views on the current world of football. By keeping a healthy mixture of business and football the session felt honest, informal and allowed for the formation of a trustworthy relationship between STRYKZ and the public.

MEDIA Protocol also recently hosted a pair of AMA sessions, on Telegram and YouTube respectively. The ICO Genius-hosted AMA with James Tabor, Mark White and Alex Yamashita stimulated discussion about their CryptoCatnip app, MEDIA tokens and blockchain while allowing them to demonstrate their passion and personality.

GBX have really embraced video content - from embedded content featuring interviews, announcements and introductions to participating in live AMAs, like this one, after the successful RKT public sale, with CEO, Nick Cowan.

They also have an active, dedicated YouTube channel featuring a range of Q&A sessions, interviews and announcements.

The rewards for holding an AMA are multiple - it offers the opportunity to not only discuss business aspects and the sector but allows a brand to show the humans behind the business allowing them to build a genuine rapport with potential customers.

With video content on the rise it’s time to look at how you can utilise the platform to add value and trust to your brand.

So why not throw the doors open and host your own AMA?

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