Social INK's Final Countdown (of 2018)

Another year’s been and gone. It feels like as good a time as any to look back on what we got up to in the world of digital marketing in 2018, reflect on our successes, and look ahead to 2019.

Seeing as it’s New Year’s Eve, what better way to review our 2018 than with a countdown to 2019?

10 GBX.jpg

10. GBX and the Wider GSX Group

First up in our countdown is a client that’s been with Social INK since September 2017. Part of the wider Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, our work with the GBX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange) has been varied, exhilarating, and a powerful contribution to the blockchain industry.

As the GBX’s digital marketing team we have overseen and contributed to their successful Initial Token Offering in early 2018, supported them through the launch of their institutional-grade Token Sale Platform (the GBX-GRID), as well as the launch of their Digital Asset Exchange (the GBX-DAX), providing comprehensive social media management and coverage across the entire GSX Group portfolio of brands.

From proofreading to copy-editing, blog writing to online advertising, this calendar year the Social INK team have been with GBX every step of the way on their journey towards becoming the world’s first regulated (and insured) digital asset exchange to be owned by a traditional stock exchange.

It’s been full throttle. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

9 MP.jpg

9. Launching MEDIA Protocol

It’s not often you get to be in on the ground floor with a business as it’s starting up. But with MEDIA Protocol we were lucky enough to be their first choice digital marketing team as they launched their innovative blockchain protocol to the world.

The learning curve was steep. We learned a lot about the mechanics of blockchain technology as we created content for and maintained MEDIA Protocol’s blog. Social media management was another key area we oversaw as they launched across multiple platforms. The Social INK team actively engaged with MEDIA Protocol’s community managers (AmaZix) and PR firm (Wachsman) to maintain on-brand communications across all channels.

We also helped to moderate live video and Telegram AMAs which played a significant part in the marketing for MEDIA Protocol. James Tabor, CEO of MEDIA Protocol, proved to be such a natural in front of the camera that we invited him to join us for an AMA!

8. TLDR - Working with Industry Leaders

Too Long; Didn’t Read. When that’s your client’s brand name you know you’re in for an interesting ride.

TLDR operates as a completely decentralised team, spread out across the globe, comprising of respected leaders within their particular industries. We’ve been privileged to have conversations with former FBI Cyber Security Special Agents, a Navy SEAL, fund managers, legal advisors, entrepreneurs and company builders.

Defining and maintaining a very particular tone of voice and approach throughout all communications proved to be a rewarding challenge for the team, as we managed TLDR’s social media presence, creating and developing thought-leadership articles for their blog.

We helped them build the content for their website, create their newsletter, and run multiple interview calls in an effort to create more engaging and personalised content across the board.

7. Kession Capital & Tokenise

Our work with Kession focused on helping them establish an online presence for their new project, Tokenise. Social INK provided ongoing digital consultancy and project management as we helped them with the creation and development of the Tokenise website, liaising with web developers and troubleshooting the system.

We also provided social media management services across all their channels, standardising branding across the various platforms and establishing the tone of voice for communications. As well as social media content creation, we developed and maintained the Tokenise blog, producing a comprehensive content marketing strategy to establish the brand's proposition and positioning online.

6 SI Team.jpg

6. The Growth of the Social INK Team

2018 saw exponential growth across the Social INK team, with a new Head of Content and Head of Social spearheading a team of writers, social media managers, and graphic designers.

The result: our service offering is stronger than ever before, meaning we can offer more to our clients as we move into the new year.

5 AquaGib.jpg

5. AquaGib - With Us Since 2012

Six years is a long time. But it doesn’t feel that way when it comes to our longest standing client — AquaGib.

We’re glad to remain their digital marketing agency of choice as we continue to provide ongoing support for their website, social media management and digital consultancy services into the new year.

4. Live AMAs

We’ve managed, moderated and marketed AMAs for various clients throughout 2018, so we felt it was high time we practised what we preach. So we hosted two of our own live video AMA sessions on our Facebook page with a couple of very insightful individuals from the world of advertising and marketing.

Nick Entwistle of One Minute Briefs joined us for our first live video AMA in October to discuss “Creativity and Social Media Marketing.” He was followed by James Tabor, CEO of MEDIA Protocol, in early December, for a conversation on “The Future of Content.”

Both AMAs were highly entertaining and full of great insight. Keep an eye out for more interesting guests and absorbing discussions around digital marketing in the new year.

3. Delivering Value

At Social INK we pride ourselves on delivering good value to our clients through our various service offerings — social media management, online advertising, digital consulting, and content creation.

But we’re not precious about keeping the good stuff to ourselves. We’ve created and shared a wealth of templates, social media tips and digital marketing insight via our blog throughout 2018. These are all still available in the archive and regularly reposted across our social media channels.

As we break into 2019, we promise to keep providing useful tools, tips, and techniques to see you through the social media and digital marketing year.

Find some of our favourite free-to-download, easy-to-use templates below:

  • The Social INK marketing calendar contains a detailed breakdown of the year’s major celebrations and interesting dates (along with their associated hashtags).

  • Use the Social INK content marketing plan to organise and plan your social media posts across several platforms.

2. Decentralised Team

2018 was really the year of the distributed team. Just like TLDR, Social INK fully embraced decentralised remote working, with team members scattered around the UK and abroad during the course of the year.

The flexibility afforded by remote working, the nimbleness of requiring little more than a laptop and a hotspot, means that no matter where we are, we can continue to provide a full and uninterrupted service to our clients — no matter where we or they are.

1 You.jpg

1. Join Us In 2019

So that’s it for our countdown of 2018.

It’s been one hell of a year!

Now we look forward to 2019. Hopefully with you on board.

Happy New Year!


CEO, Social INK

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