Social INK | One Minute Briefs AMA Highlights

On Monday 29th October 2018, Social INK CEO, Chris Bruno, was joined by Nick Entwistle, Founder of One Minute Briefs and Creative Director of the Bank of Creativity, for a live AMA on the Social INK Facebook page.

They had a lively debate about Creativity and Social Media Marketing, drawing upon their respective experiences in the world of social media, digital marketing, and advertising to share their observations on the current state of advertising, gamification of social media and community building, before opening up the floor to answer questions sent in by the audience.

We’re huge fans of AMA sessions at Social INK. If you need a reminder of why they are a valuable asset to any business, check out our blog post here:

It was a great chance to connect and discuss the role of creative thinking in social media marketing. If you missed the chat, we’ve summarised the highlights below. Or you can click through to our Facebook page to watch the whole session.

Meet Nick

Nick Entwistle is Creative Director and Founder of the Bank of Creativity, as well as creator and curator of the community user-generated content platform One Minute Briefs, which encourages instinctive creativity from its 18,000+ followers on Twitter.

Nick has a wealth of experience in social media, digital marketing, and advertising, having worked with a host of agencies and brands to create compelling and engaging content to generate interest in their brands. His core values align with Social INK’s belief in delivering high-quality content to grow followers organically, so he was the perfect choice to join us for an AMA session.

The Best Bits

We know that everyone’s short on time, so we’ve pulled out some of our favourite moments from the AMA here:

  • Nick discusses the birth of One Minute Briefs and how it evolved. (2:47)

  • Chris and Nick discuss the general shift in advertising to quantity over quality. (6:50)

  • Nick examines the role of gamification and how it can generate greater awareness despite not yielding the best ROI. (14:10)

  • The boys share their views on creativity vs talent. (24:37)

  • Nick explores the reach of social media and how building a community can be an organic process. (29:59)

  • The discussion explores how important the adoption of new technology is in digital marketing and how some educational routes don’t focus enough on social media. (40:15)

  • Chris and Nick share some of their favourite ad campaigns and muse over the role of character and how it can create a more memorable ad. (53:02)

  • An audience member challenges Nick to create a live OMB. (59:01)

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