Social INK | One Minute Briefs AMA Invite

At Social INK we’re very privileged to work with and meet some extremely interesting and inspiring individuals, from a range of different backgrounds and sectors of industry. We’re lucky like that. It happens to be one of the many perks of the job.

Like many, we think “thought-leadership” is a dirty word. But a spirit of collaboration, and a desire to share insight and take part in thought-provoking discussions, we find interesting. And hopefully, so will you.

Enter, the AMA.

We’ve worked with a number of clients running AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to help them engage with their audience and share personal insights and perspectives. It’s a great way to open up a dialogue with people. So we thought we’d invite some of our connections along for a bit of a chat and give everyone the opportunity to gain some insight into the work we do and the people we collaborate with.

On Monday 29th October 2018, at 7pm UK Time, we will be hosting a Facebook Live video AMA discussion between our CEO, Chris Bruno, and Nick Entwistle of One Minute Briefs and The Bank of Creativity.

The topic of the one-hour live discussion will be “Creativity and Social Media Marketing”, with a chance for you to pitch questions to both Chris and Nick on the subjects of social media, advertising, creativity, or anything else that springs to mind, live.

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Nick E, BOC, and OMB

Nick Entwistle is Creative Director and Founder of the Bank of Creativity, as well as creator and curator of the community user-generated content platform One Minute Briefs which encourages instinctive creativity from its close to 18,000 followers on Twitter. He works with agencies and brands to create compelling content to engage their audiences and generate big interest in their product or service.

Recent notable campaigns have included the creation of a short film to encourage donations for Neuroblastoma sufferer Isabella that went viral, with 30 million views across social media, reaching national press and TV news. Nick also directed the music video and social campaign that led to the NHS beating Justin Bieber to Xmas Number 1.

Creativity and Social Media Marketing

Chris and Nick will draw upon their respective experiences in the world of social media, digital marketing, and advertising, and share their observations on current trends and predictions for the future of creativity in advertising and social media, before opening up the floor to questions.

You can be there live, Monday 29th October 2018, at 7pm UK Time, on the Social INK Facebook page, to see the discussion unfold and have your questions answered.

After Chris and Nick have covered the initial topics of discussion, the live audience will be able to ask them questions using the chat function on the Facebook Live stream. Questions can be on anything related to creativity, social media, and advertising, or indeed anything about Social INK, One Minute Briefs, or the various projects that Chris and Nick have been working on.

Advanced Questions

If you’re unable to make it to the live event, you can still contribute questions to the discussion. Add them in the comments below the Facebook or Twitter posts sharing this announcement, using the hashtag #socialinkAMA. We will collate all the advanced questions on Sunday 28th and share them with Chris and Nick on the day. (Please note we won’t accept questions sent in after 12pm Sunday 28th October)

Don’t miss out. Like the Social INK Facebook page and receive notifications and reminders in the build-up to the AMA. If you can’t make it live, Monday 29th October 2018, at 7pm UK Time, don’t worry.

You can rewatch, and relive, all the action on the Social INK Facebook page after the event.

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See you all on the Social INK Facebook page, Monday 29th October 2018, at 7pm UK Time. Find out what Chris and Nick have to say about creativity, social media marketing, and advertising.

And remember, you can have your say too.

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