Your only limit is your imagination


Your only limit is your imagination.

A couple of months ago I saw this graffitied on the wall. I walked past, double-took, walked back and re-read it.

It’s probably a cliché in its own right. But the truth is, it’s so very true. Whether we like it or not.

Over the course of the last decade, I’ve gone through moments of insane creativity. That doesn’t mean I’ve painted a masterpiece or designed anything that would win awards.

However, in those ten years, I did a lot!

Starting this company, in 2008, was a huge step. I could see a different future, a new career path and I could envisage a better way to live.

In 2011, surrounded by a great team at Social INK (Just Consulting back in those days), we created an online television channel in Gibraltar, Your Gibraltar TV.

I moved abroad… A couple of times. To Los Angeles, USA (2013) and then from Gibraltar back to London, England (2015).

I’ve been lucky enough to cover events from 10 Downing Street, The European Parliament in Brussels, the UN headquarters in New York and even from the White House and Heritage Foundation in Washington.

The list doesn’t stop there.

In 2016 I redesigned my personal life completely.

I went remote! I chose to live an incredible life. I designed that life from scratch.

This gave me new insight to evolve the company into a new kind of agency, where all team members are remote and where others would have the opportunity to be creative and imagine a new life for themselves.

You see, for me, creativity isn’t just about the arts, or painting, or music, or anything like that. It’s for everything.

The trick is finding a creative solution to achieve YOUR goal, no matter what the goal is.

We will be announcing a whole new structure to the Social INK agency in the next few weeks, and I want you to be a part of it.

If you have ever wanted to run your own business and have an interest in social media and marketing, let’s have a chat. You can email us to find out more on

Written by Chris Bruno, CEO Social INK
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