Too many people have too many excuses!

Too Many Excuses.jpg

The amount of times I hear things like: 

“Yeah, but that won’t work for us” or;

“Our clients aren’t on Facebook” or;

“I’m working on our social media content, we just haven’t found the right voice/content/whatever yet”. 

Whatever your “reason”, it’s just an excuse not to get on top of your biggest potential marketing channel right now. 

Social media has completely changed the way businesses market to, find and engage with new clients. 

I don’t care what industry you’re in, I don’t care what product/service you sell, I don’t even care if it’s a personal or a business brand you’re trying to build. 

You’re NUMBER 1 asset right now is Social Media, be it Facebook or Instagram, you have a unique opportunity that has never been available before. 

You have access to 1.3 BILLION people through Facebook and 750 MILLION on Instagram. All of them, neatly arranged and categorised for you, by age, gender, demographic, location and most importantly INTERESTS! 

Why, on earth, are you making excuses about how it won’t work, rather than finding ways to MAKE IT WORK for you and your business?

On Friday, I’m giving you the chance to claim a FREE 30 minute consultancy session, with me, to talk about where you are right now and what the first and most important steps are that you need to take to turn this around, RIGHT NOW! 

What’s your excuse going to be this time????

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