Tweens, Social Media, Snapchat vs Facebook: Some interesting statistics for 2017

I’ve been working with clients since 2008, helping them to find a strategy online that really works for their business and their brand. Over the years I’ve seen a lot, good things, mistakes, advertising spend wasted and pretty much anything else in the spectrum you can imagine. Recently I was looking for some content regarding Social Media Statistics for 2017, and I came across a couple of things that made me want to write this. 

The first was an article on TechCrunch, titled "Teens Favouriting Snapchat and Instagram Over Facebook”. It quoted for a report it had issued saying that teens preferred these other platforms to Facebook. This isn’t something new. Since Snapchat started, the real bulk of their users have always been the younger generation. 

The truth is, most adults found the UX to be complex for what it was, and the platform was limited at the beginning in terms of what you could do (only being able to share an image or a short video clip filmed at the time). 


We can see in the image that it’s true. As a percentage of 12-24 year olds, more people prefer Snapchat. But looking at those percentages we can see that there isn’t much in it. For 12-17 year olds; 14.5% (FB) compared to 15.8% (SNAP) and for 18-24 year olds 23.5% (FB) compared to 24.4% (SNAP).

Now here’s what I found interesting. Probably about 12 minutes after having read those figures, I came across another interesting statistic. It’s best shown in this chart. 


We start to get a better picture of network by network, who represents what sort of audience. Snapchat - 255 million users, Facebook over 2 billion users. 

Just let that sink in a little. 

If you’re in the USA and marketing a product aimed towards teens or tweens, chances are, you really want to find someone that can help you master Snapchat. You’ll find those youngsters there and in between them checking out DJ Khaled and potentially sending each other inappropriate pics, you’ll be able to start engaging with them. 

But in the mean time, whilst you’re trying to push down that road to hopefully engage with teens and tweens on Snapchat, remember, the difference of that 1.5% audience (SNAP vs FB) is actually readily available to you on a long established and more than proven platform; Facebook. 

Why use Facebook? 

Facebook allows you to push out all forms of content, links, videos, images, slideshows, Facebook Live, the list goes on. Not only can you engage with your audience, you can reply to comments publicly/privately. You can invite people to contact you on the platform. You can engage with them in real time on live video. You can select your target audience to push your content to, as well as create an audience based on your current client list and even find similar people to that. 

The list goes on. I’m only mentioning a few. As I watch Snapchat continue to be talked about as the future of Social Media, I wander what is happening to the attention span of the next generation that would prefer to see a 10 second pic, rather than read an article about what they are interested in. 

I’m also wondering, why a company that continues to lose money (hand over fist - thank god for investors) and is now looking to reinvent itself potentially as a hardware company, would be the future of Social Media Marketing? 

I found this whilst looking for more information to understand what was going on. It’s an interesting visual about how long it took technologies and then platforms to reach 50 million users. 

You can imagine that back in the day, it took a long time to roll out technology. 


Now it’s far quicker and easier to push an app out as everyone is ready, with a smart phone in hand to get on board with a new trend. 

How much quicker? 

Well upon release, the app Pokemon Go racked up nearly 50 million users in about 8 days. Yes, 8 days! 

What I really found interesting is the fact that Facebook took longer to reach the 50 million than Twitter did. About a year longer. But today, after years of little to no evolution in their platform, Twitter is only at 328 million users. To put that in perspective, it’s about 15% of Facebook’s behemoth 2 billion. 

Overall, it’s up to you to find your voice and style when it comes to Social Media. When it comes to most businesses we’ve worked with, Facebook continues to prove fruitful, in terms of audience generation, leads and sales. 

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