The biggest referral site for web traffic is...

This is a post from last week in our Free Facebook Group: It's All About Digital Marketing


Some time ago, I put out a questionnaire asking you guys what you thought of this group and what you would like to see more of. 

One of the answers was for me to share useful articles or videos that I had found online as part of my daily consumption of Digital Marketing based content. 

So here we are, I wanted to share this article with you, because its BIG news. 

Google search has been known for years as being the biggest referrer of traffic online. In fact; it’s their business! You search for something on Google and you get shown the best referrals to click on, and then you're sent on your merry way. Google has been the biggest search engine for years now. 

But something has changed. 

There has been a shift in the way people spend time online, how they find other websites and their online behaviour. 

The biggest change is now Facebook is the biggest referral site in the world. 

This means Facebook is the website that sends the MOST people to other websites! 

What does this mean for you and your business? 


Today, the best possible way to drive traffic to your site is Facebook. By using the Facebook Advertising platform, you can start to build your online presence like never before. 

Bigger than Google Adwords, bigger than all the other social networks combined. 

Facebook gives you the ability to attract the biggest audience you’ve ever been able to get. 

It’s just up to you to make that happen! If you want to get started, this will definitely help you!

CEO & Founder of Social INK

Original Article Link: Facebook is beating Google in Referral Traffic: What does this mean for marketers?