Why Social Media should be a priority in your business

The times have shifted. Back in the day, a good newspaper advert would get the creative juices of the great marketing legend, David Ogilvy, flowing. The man was the go to authority on print advertising, be it in Newspapers, Magazines or Direct Marketing. 

But the one thing that changed everything, was Social Media. Some people will say it was for the good, others for the bad. Both may well be right, but there is one important thing to remember.

Today, Facebook has over 1.25 Billion daily active users. 

That’s bigger than the readership of all the major newspapers and magazine in your area put together. PERIOD! 

What does this mean to your business? 

Well, now when we look at where to spend our marketing budgets, especially for smaller businesses, we need to address the fundamental question that all marketers have asked in the past. Where is my audience? 

Back in the Mad Men era, you would select the most appropriate, specialised and possibly even niche newspaper (geographically), magazine (niche industry) or a viable alternative that might even combine both. 

Today, we don’t need to do that. 

Our audience has congregated in one place. 

They defined who they are, by themselves, through their own actions, interactions and interest within the Facebook network. 

This means, any business, of any size, with even the smallest of marketing budget, can target and find their potential clients on the Facebook network for a reasonable (relative) cost. 

Yes, we all know that ONE person that “isn’t on Facebook” for a variety of reasons, be it not wanting the “man” to know what they are up to, or alternatively, they just felt like they were losing their lives to the little blue app on their phone. 

But right now, in your marketing place, there is no single other place where you can potentially find that many people, potentially interested in your product or service.

It won’t cost you millions of pounds to get started. You won’t have to commit to long contracts. Most importantly, you can even learn how to make this work for yourself, internally. The truth is, done properly, this can be the best marketing decision you’ve made this year so far. 

So the real question is, why aren’t you taking advantage of the biggest market place available to you right now?