Congrats to Bianca Yeo for launching her site - Zumba With B

Bianca Yeo - On stage running her Zumba With B - Zumba in Gibraltar event.  (Photo: Infinity Photography)

Bianca Yeo - On stage running her Zumba With B - Zumba in Gibraltar event. (Photo: Infinity Photography)

In our business, we get all sorts of requests to help people with their Digital Marketing. Bianca got in touch because she had created her site using Wix, and needed some help to get things finished on her new site, Zumba With B - Zumba In Gibraltar

She had already done all the hard work. Her menu system was organised, the pages she wanted were all created, the content and photos had been sorted and even the layout was already good to do. 

The only reason she got in touch was because she wanted make sure she was releasing something that was as close to perfect as she could. 

So we helped put the cherry on the cake. 

By making sure the site was optimised for mobile design, certain layouts needed a bit of work. 

We also optimised the site for SEO purposes, making sure the right titles, descriptions etc were all sorted. 

When she got in touch, Bianca wasn’t too sure about the more technical behind the scenes bits and pieces. 

So we made sure she had Google Analytics to track her website. 

Facebook Pixel installed for future promotions and adverts and made sure she had a sitemap submitted to Google and Bing. 

Now she’s launched, she’s even got a newsletter system attached and ready to go, to keep in touch with all her clients and prospects. 

This isn’t her 9-5 job, this is her “Side-Hustle” as Gary Vee would call it. But we’re massively impressed to see people push their plans and dreams into reality. 

So a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to B from all the team here at Social INK. 

Go check out her site today, if you’re looking for Zumba in Gibraltar then you’ll want to make sure you’ve checked out Zumba With B