Facebook Ads: The most powerful targeted advertising, ever!

If you’ve used Facebook Ads, you know how powerful targeted advertising can be. If you haven’t used it, I’m sure you’ve experienced it. 

How do I know you’ve experienced it before? 

Well, here’s two examples of how you may have experienced it. 

1. Booking a hotel. 
Have you ever looked at booking a hotel, let’s say on Booking.com? You’ve searched through, your dates and the location you are looking at going on holiday. You’ve nearly the found the perfect place and the perfect hotel, but you decide not to book straight away. Instead you figure you’ll talk it over that night with your partner. The next morning, you start seeing adverts on your Facebook for a particular hotel or the particular destination. 

Sound familiar? 

2. Those shoes you really like. 
Not unlike the above example, you really want those beautiful new shoes. The only thing stopping you is the price point. You should be saving, but the shoes are sooooooo nice. So you go and have a look at them online again. You resist buying them, you’re good like that. The next day, you go on to your Facebook and BAM! There they are again, they look so good. They seem to be teasing you. 

Sound familiar? 

You’ve experienced the re-targeting capabilities off Facebook Marketing, and it’s incredible when you think about it. 

Targeted Advertising

You’re not being spammed with adverts, you’re being served up Hyper Specific ads, based purely on what you’ve been looking at online. 

Using the Facebook Adverts system, you can create targeted audiences, based on you website traffic. People who have seen very specific pages/products. People who have spent time your site. You can even start creating more intelligent audiences, including for example, people who have seen a particular product page but have never checked out. 

You see, when it comes to advertising your business and your product, things have changed, things have developed and now more than ever, we can target ALL our advertising spend, so as we don’t waste money. 

Years ago, you might have selected a big newspaper to advertise your product. It’s a machine gun approach to advertising. By splashing your advert in front of as many people as possible, you hoped to get some form of response. 

Back then, you may have tried an industry specific publication. Again, with a similar approach, hoping that anyone within the same industry, reading that publication, might become a client. 

Today we don’t need to machine gun approach anything. For a fraction of the price of print media, we can create and generate audiences to specifically target our advertising to. We can create our ideal client profile, and advertise to people just like that. 

We can use location, gender, age, interests, behaviours. The list goes on. 

Not only can you target using the options above, but you can create intelligent audiences, by narrowing and specifically choosing people who fit profile X, but don’t have any of profile Y. 

By using these tools, you can make the very most of your advertising budget, and most importantly, you can see all the results. 

Yep, that’s right. Unlike the print media publications years ago, where advertisers would create coupons and new telephone numbers to attempt to track the response on a campaign. With Facebook, you get all the information, all the detailed statistics about your adverts right in front of you. 

No more guessing, or second-guessing your ads. Simple facts in black and white right there in front of you. 

Advertising on Facebook Today

The truth is, in 2017, there is NO excuse to not be advertising on Facebook. Since 2008 we’ve been running Facebook pages for our clients. In nearly a decade, we’ve spent over £100,000 on advertising campaigns, in various sectors and industries and what’s more, we’ve made those campaigns work. 

By using our specific system, we’ve managed to produce results, based purely on repeating the system that we’ve developed. You know what they say, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it? 

We’ll, it’s definitely not broke and today, we’re really proud to let you know that we’ve packaged our system just for you! 

Our Zero To Sales Facebook Ads System is now available to everyone, and it’s been producing amazing results. 

We want to show you how to harness the power of Facebook Ads to help you find new clients, generate more money in your business and take advantage of Facebook Ads, the MOST powerful targeted advertising ever. 

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