Finding my style

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on building my style as a photographer & videographer. With my photography, I have realised I am good at taking pictures with models but not so good at taking pictures of objects. When I took pictures for one of the Social INK client named 'My Special Occasion'.

They had decorated a dining table with chair covers with bows around them, table cloths and table centrepieces. They made it look absolutely amazing, but I was not impressed with the shots I captured, I tried different angles but it just was not making me feel content.

I believe pictures tell a story, so when I have a model in front of me and a scenery I can already visualise what it is I would like to see. I also find it easier to position myself to capture each image. I have worked on photography with models many times in the past, so maybe it is just an experience thing but I do not understand why I am finding it so difficult with capturing objects.

My videography is always improving. I know it is a very big field but I am trying to make my weekly videos different every time so that you guys stay entertained and also training myself. Over the weekend I was talking to a friend and he asked me how do I feel about recording a short film with few other friends who have their own cameras. I had to tell him I am 100% up for that.

Back in college I never really enjoyed filming, I used to find it long and boring. I could not take a number of times you had to retake shots and then when you are editing you are seeing the exact same clip again and again. I must say that as of late, I am definitely respecting the art of filming and even the art of Photography.

I honestly know I have a whole lot of learning to do within the field but at the same time I am watching a lot of videos and looking at a lot of photographers work to see if I can remix their style to try to create my own. I believe you need to understand yourself and what it is you like.  I see it as you can not be a singer without respecting the art and understanding your style.

So throughout the year I aim to keep practising and trying out new things, I will upload some of my latest work so you guys can see what I have been up too. Could you guys also check out My Special Occasions, they have an upcoming exhibition fair that specialises in Weddings & Special Occasions. So if you are planning on getting married, planning a party or an event, then the My Special Occasions fair is the place to be on the 9th October.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan