How well do you know your customers?

We sometimes take our customers for granted, and we shouldn’t. EVER! 
We have an amazing opportunity and a responsibility as small business owners or marketing professionals to interact and understand our customers. So how can we do this? 

There are a lot of tools, built in to our Social Media channels that offer us insights and information about our audience. We can see who they are, age groups and gender.

We can track what works and what doesn’t on our social media campaigns to better understand what they are looking for, what they engage with and we can learn what to produce so as to keep them involved.  

Even better than that, we can simply ask them! 

After every course we run, we ask for feedback. A simple and easy to fill out survey which is automatically sent to everyone involved. This helps us to identify what works and what needs improvements. 

We ask questions and hold polls on our Facebook Group: It’s All About Digital Marketing to know for sure what content we should create for the following week. 

But that’s not all we do to understand our customers and our potential customers. 

Have you heard of Quora? 

The website allows users to post questions, and allows others to write answers. It’s a great place to see and understand what it is that people are trying to find out about. What do they need help with? 

This forms part of our research on a regular basis. It gives us an sure fire way of creating content that people will want to read, listen to, watch etc. 

We also keep up to date with our industry on a daily basis. News and industry specific websites give you  great amount of information, if you simply take a look at them. What are people reading? What’s trending? What articles are people really engaging with and why? 

All of these things will help you to get inside the head of your audience and ultimately allow you to create the content that they want to see. 
So, I ask you again, how well do you know your audience? 
Could you get to know them a little better? 

Chris - Written whilst imagining a leprechaun dancing!