Balancing the load.

Every now and then, it can feel like you are drowning in work and others you feel like you are absolutely flying through it. Since I came back from my week off, it feels quite moderate, the only thing I would say is that the time feels like it is going so much quicker.

I know Monday was a bank holiday so once I came back to work on Tuesday it was bound to feel like the week is flying by. Since I have been back Chris has told me to input a day by day itinerary of what my work will consist of into my Calendar, so now when I get reminders that I have to start something within the next 10 minutes I end up thinking “No way it is 2 o clock already!".

It definitely has made me more organised because this way I have structured my work day. I have now scheduled the time and dates that I will dedicate to my blog, I have begun to start thinking of the names of both blogs than repeat what i did before where I would think of it on the spot.

This definitely saves me time because on my calendar it will now say “Write Balancing the load Blog in 10 minutes.” from there I know what is it I am going to write about and even give myself a little time to prepare for it.

As much as I am making it sound positive there is always room for improvement, I am happy that I am finding ways to remain on top of work because it can definitely be a struggle along side having to do work for my evening classes.

“Preparation is key!"

Take Care
Nathan Jordan