If Content is King, then Distribution is Queen!

content is king distribution is queen

Everyone has come across the phrase, "Content Is King!” when it comes to Online Marketing. It’s a simple concept, but it’s often thrown around, along with “Content Marketing”, “Content Strategy” and other great hype words that are currently in fashion.

The truth is, Content Has Always Been King! This isn’t something new and it’s not something we should forget.

If you’ve seen Mad Men the TV series, with the booze filled Don Draper, creating advertising campaigns for the big brands of the day, you’ll often notice that it’s all about the slogan, the catchphrase, the… That’s right, you guessed it, the CONTENT!

So why are we throwing around “Content Marketing” as if it were something new?

Content has always been key. Marketing channels have changed and shifted over the years, but the truth is, the key principles haven’t changed at all. When people refer to Social Media Marketing, it’s not some new marketing technique, it’s simply a new channel to be exploited by companies.

What goes on to these new channels is still content, and content has ALWAYS been KING!

So today, I wanted to introduce you to what I consider to be JUST as important as the King. The Queen.

If Content is King, Distribution is Queen!

And she may well be even more important than the king.

Do you know how many blogs there are in the world?

Wordpress, a very popular blogging tool, is used for 74,652,825 sites around the globe. That’s more than 1 Wordpress site for every man, woman and child here in the UK.

Do you know how many items are shared every day on Facebook?

It works out to nearly 4.32 Billion! To make that easier to understand, it’s about 3,000,000 items shared every minute.

So in a world like this, how is your content going to get noticed?

It’s all about the Queen in the relationship which is; distribution. How you get your message out there is as important as your message itself. You need to understand this, otherwise your King is going to die alone, in a corner and covered in dust.

So why does everyone mainly focus on Content Is King?

I’m guessing it’s because it sounds good. It’s a popular catchphrase right now. It helps people sell the idea that, simply put, you need to market your business in a way that is relevant to how the world works today. Ultimately, it’s the same as it was 20 years ago, but the channels and mediums have developed. And most importantly, it’s more affordable today than it has ever been.

I’m going to run through an example so as you can picture exactly what we’re talking about.

Let’s say you open a beautiful new shop. I’m talking more beautiful than an Apple store, with a touch of class inspired by Louis Vuitton. This shop is AMAZING. People greet you, it’s well presented, it has a great display of products, it looks, feels and smells amazing!

BUT, it’s in a tiny backstreet, in a village with only 800 inhabitants and the only person who knows it’s there is the postman!

What ends up happening to your business? Invariably in a case like this, you would go bust!

Well guess what people, when you first start your blog and your posts, you are the little shop, in and amongst the back streets, in a tiny village.

You don’t have the footfall that goes past to help you secure sales. You have a beautiful shop window, but no one is seeing it.

What’s the solution?

We need to get people to know about the shop! Where to find it! How to see it every day, so as they realise just how great it really is!

The same is true for your content and your blog. You need to have the right distribution to help you generate that footfall and to help you find customers.

So what can you do?

Learn to grow your audience and your tribe online. You need a following. People that want to consume what you are creating and to do this you have tons of options today that simply weren’t available to Don Draper.

Market your content on Facebook. Using Facebook Ads you can start identifying your target audience, people who are already interested in your space/industry. Find people that would benefit from consuming your content and spend some money.

Gone are the days of pushing out a blog post and it magically becoming a viral hit, simply put, there is just TOO much content out there and new content is arriving by the micro-second. You just can’t compete until you have built your audience.

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Written by Chris - whilst contemplating the meaning of life: 42!