What happens online in 60 Seconds?

Do you know what’s going on online?

Do you ever feel like your content isn’t being seen?

Here’s a quick post to help you understand what you are up against.

Graphic made by Nathan Jordan - Our Apprentice

Graphic made by Nathan Jordan - Our Apprentice

The film “Gone In 60 Seconds” nailed the title if they wanted to talk about what happens to your content online! In 60 seconds it’s absolutely INSANE what is going on.

Let’s break it down:


3,000,000 items shared in a minute… Bare this in mind when you are posting your content and wondering why it’s not getting the engagement it deserves. Try to think what you can do to help your content get the most attention possible. Sharing it to specific groups, posting it to friends/clients, how about boosting or advertising your post?

Whatever you are currently doing, you want to help your content to stick out. You need to be pushing it hard to break through the absolute MASS of content that there is out there.


430,000 Tweets per minute! Only about 15% of the total on Facebook, but imagine how quickly your tweet is getting lost.

Here’s an idea for you, how about scheduling 5 - 6 versions of your tweet to go out over the next week. You’ve suddenly 6x’d your opportunities to be seen!

Too many business we meet with post a few times a week. Start boosting those numbers otherwise you’re just lost in a sea of Tweets.


56,000 photos in a minute! How do yours stand out?

It’s flooded on a daily basis with content, you need to make sure yours are hitting the right kind of people. Search for the relevant hashtags, once you’ve found them USE THEM. It will help you get discovered and will help your content build engagement.

Otherwise you are simply another picture “Brick in the wall”!


Video marketing is an amazing tool. But people are watching 2.7 Million videos every minute. How will they find yours?

It’s all about the distribution, and how you are driving people to your channel/video. You need to be building an audience, and you can use your existing social followers to help you do that.

Get people to your page and to your video so as you can really help yourself get some real value out of your YouTube channel.

The stats are there in the image guys and girls. You’ve got some real competition. You’re not only fighting against your competitors on these platforms, but you’re now also competing with your aunty’s recent cute cat post, the epic fail skateboarder video and more pictures of healthy eating than any Vegan could ever want.

What you do to stand out is up to you! But you definitely need to stand out in these interesting times!

Chris - Written whilst trying to divide Pi by the radius of my coffee cup, realising that I have no idea what this would achieve!