Facebook Ads - Getting started

This was a question that I was asked on Quora and after writing the answer I realised how many people are really struggling with it. So here it is. A quick guide to getting started with Facebook Ads:

FB advertising can be one of the best ROI platforms in the business at the moment. It allows you to target your audience so precisely, it’s incredible.

A couple of things before you get started:

  1. Objective - Set out with 1 clear objective. I want to drive traffic to a sales page, for example! Don’t just say I want to sell more, it won’t work.
  2. Define your audience - Don’t start any adverts until you really understand your audience. Who are they? What age group? What gender? What interests do they have? Come up with a list of all options to start with. Just write them down.
  3. Look at the numbers - Now that you have an idea of what potential audience you have, go in to FB Ads Manager and start preparing as if you were going to create an advert. Look at different potential target audiences. See how many people you would be targeting. FB gives you potential reach as per your target audience. Figure out what would work well. Don’t target millions of people, but don’t target less than 1 thousand either.
  4. Test the audiences - You know who you want to target and you have the numbers. Don’t create 1 ad set, create a couple. Test different audiences, with the same adverts. This will allow you to see which audience works best for your advert.
  5. Advert Copy - Just like with the ad sets, create a few iterations of your advert. Different pics, different copy. You can never be 100% sure what will work best for you target audience. So test a few options. Include a CTA (Call To Action) to make sure you get people to actually do something when they see your advert.
  6. Don’t send people to your home page! - If you are going to do adverts for a specific product, create a specific sales / landing page for this product. Don’t just send people to your home page and hope that they find what they are looking for. This WON’T work! If you really want to, try A/B testing your sales/landing pages too.
  7. Monitor & analyse your ads - Now you need to monitor your ads and see what is working and what’s not. Do this every 72 hours or so. Make sure you are getting people onto your landing page. See what’s happening. Are they converting? No? Make changes to your landing page. Try to make it more compelling, change the CTA for example.

Facebook ads aren’t always easy to get right, but here’s the KEY. It’s all about testing. No 2 ways about it. You try, you review, you try again, and repeat!

If you want some help with yours, send me a message by email on chris@socialink.co or Click Here To Claim A Free Coaching Call and I’ll give you 30 minutes to go through what you are doing, what you are trying to achieve and some free help as to how to do it!

Good luck everyone!

Chris - getting my fill of vitamin D whilst I can!