Ikea Pop-up D.I.Y Restaurant

On the 10th September to the 25th September, Ikea will be opening a Pop-up Do It Yourself Restaurant called The Dining Club on Shoreditch High Street. This is a really cool concept as they give you the chance to cook for up to 20 friends whilst being supervised by a Chef.

This works for people like myself that have always wanted to cook for a number of friends, but do not feel too comfortable bringing so many people to my house to cook for them. In the past 6 friends and myself spoke about doing our own “Come dine with me” to see who is the best chef out of us all.

“That would be me…"

I think it is quite unfortunate that this is only for a few weeks, I went to see how I could go about booking a time slot in and I saw you have to register interest about cooking at the Dining Club, they ask "If you could invite any three people in the world (famous, or otherwise) to The Dining Club who would they be? And why?"

Since I have heard about this I have been sending the link around to my friends telling them we need to try and book a slot. We have registered just have to wait for an email to tell us whether we have been accepted.

I hope that this becomes a success for Ikea and that they look to reopen the Dining Club as a full-time restaurant. Thank you guys for reading another blog of mine and for anybody that is interested in cooking at the Dining Club, I really hope to get an invite.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan