Marketing in Notting Hill Carnival

For the years of going to Notting Hill Carnival, this was the first time I was looking at all the ways businesses were using marketing. I wish I bought my camera along so that I could have captured the two eventful days.

Throughout the two days I could not help but notice all of the banners and posters all over the place, certain floats had company logo’s on the banners, certain drink companies were throwing products off from the floats for us to catch. Some of the drinks given out I have not even heard of but they tasted really nice.

Other Companies had designed their own horns and whistles and some even had a cardboard cutout that looks like the Instagram picture layout. I could not help but think, it is really funny, since working for Social INK, I have never looked into marketing so much . I am not saying I spent my whole time just looking for marketing strategies but I definitely noticed them along the way.

I remember seeing Snapchat filters promoting DJ’s and where they’d be playing at Carnival. Besides all of that, I really had a good time, I saw a few school friends that I have not seen in years. The weather was not so good on Sunday, we had rain at first then it got really warm and on Monday it was really sunny from start to end.

I hope you guys were able to go down to Notting Hill Carnival, I remember telling a friend I wish that there was one more day of Carnival, that would have just made it AMAZING! But I must say I still had a fabulous time… Roll on next year!

Take Care
Nathan Jordan