Happiest Apprentice!

I am proud to announce I have officially purchased my own DSLR. For some time now I have been in two minds about actually getting down to buying my own camera, I have been using my brothers 700D in the past but now I am currently waiting for the delivery of my Canon 70D. Since last month I keep checking for deals online and kept getting tempted at buying others I have seen in the past.

Having my own camera now is definitely a big step up for me, I will be continuing my weekly videos using the camera, and also taking as many pictures as possible. I want to be able to improve my Photography & Videography skills. I am excited because this will benefit me for work and personal purposes.

The next step for me will be to save up to get myself a new lense, I hope by the end of the year my skills will be near professional level. I am thinking to start doing personal vlogs, on how I am finding using my new camera.  Once it arrives I will do a test video shoot and photoshoot and showcase my current skills and then in another month or so I will do another video speaking about the new things I have learnt whilst having the camera.

Another thing I want to work on is editing RAW images on photoshop. I want to learn how to edit professional pictures. I already planned on booking a photography studio just to practice on my brother's camera but now that I have my own I am even more motivated to do this.

I am sure you guys can tell how excited I am about having purchased my new camera but thank you for taking the time to read another blog of mine. I am just really happy with the progression I have made. I have come a long way from just having a dream about buying a new camera or being able to do the things I love in media. I am still really humbled by this Apprenticeship, it has made it easy to practice and continue bettering my skills.

I have added some of my previous work below so you guys can see.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan