Let the games begin!

Ladies & Gentlemen who have been very loyal to me by reading all my blogs and giving me positive feedback. I now come to ask you guys for help! For one of my weekly videos, I am going to make two friends face off against each other in a few activities… Now here is where you guys come into this!

I want you guys to vote on what Activities they do. I can not list anything too crazy because I know they will not do it… If it was up to me I would make them dive out of a moving plane, fly through a ring of fire and parachute onto a little island which is surrounded by sharks.

That's just me...

These guys are sporty they love to run around… So I am thinking of doing a football challenge. Make them run around a cone till they get dizzy and make them try hit the crossbar or maybe just a normal crossbar challenge. Table tennis and who can throw a basketball in the net without looking, I want to make it challenging and interesting at the same time. I will list things at the bottom and give you guys the chance to vote.

This will be a very challenging thing for me, but at the same time very fun. This way I really get to challenge myself with my filming and editing skills. I believe that with this beautiful weather we are having it will be nice to get this done before the end of summer. So now guys I leave this up to you!

I will choose the top 3 out of all your votes, I look forward to seeing what you guys pick. Do not be too nice to these guys. Feel free to send over any other games that come to mind over to my twitter @NathanJ94.

Take Care and vote wisely!
Nathan Jordan

Which Activities do you want to see?
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