Feeling refreshed & ready to work

On the week of the 8th I had taken a week off for my birthday, it was really nice to have taken some time out to be with family and friends. I had a nice BBQ on the Saturday to celebrate my 22nd. The following week I came back to work and had to work on my functional skills for Tech City Stars.

I remember thinking to myself. I know how to use computers and I am quite good at maths, why do I need to do more training. I must say it is more intense than I thought it would be. I was calculating formulas on excel it took the whole class a day and a half to get through and understand how to calculate these formulas.

With maths I need to brush up, I realised it does not pay to be cocky. I thought to myself if I was asked to go on excel or do certain things containing maths without this training, I would have been in trouble. After talking to Chris and Ken we have agreed that I need to start working on my maths outside of work and Tech City Stars. 

“Practice makes perfect”

When I look back at how bad my English was when I first started writing blogs, compared to now, there is a big difference. Today has been my first day back working on Social INK work since I have been off. I am ready to get back into the swing of things, Chris has set up some exciting stuff to work on and showed me the importance of having your calendar up to date so that you know what is going on day to day.

Now I am going to apologise to you guys for missing a week of blogging. I am going to be back to my two blogs and a video a week. I can not wait to make my first video with my new camera now, we have such lovely weather for it too.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan