5 Reasons you need a blog!

I get asked this question a lot: “Do I really need a blog?” 

Simple answers are usually the best. So I reply, with a big smile on my face “YES!” 

In today’s world, you need to showcase who you are, what you do and one of the best ways is through a blog. It allows you to easily share news, information, updates and you can do it in any format you want. You can add pictures, videos and text. It really is a great way to showcase who you are and what you do. 

So to help you really understand WHY you need a blog, here are 5 simple reasons. 

1. It helps to add value to your audience and build trust

This is our number 1 goal when it comes to our blog. We want to add value to our audience and you should too. Why is this so important? Simple, you are looking to engage with and build trust with your audience. The best way to do that is to help them. Information and guides that will showcase how they can overcome a problem they are having will instantly build a rapport with your audience. 

People want to find information and help online. If you are offering it, and you are adding value to them, then they will want to be part of your audience. They will want to read your content. Always ask yourself, “Am I writing this for me, or for my audience?” This will help you create content that is ALL about your audience. 

Try to think of yourself as a DJ at a wedding. It’s not about the music YOU want to listen to. It’s about the Bride and Groom, the guests. You play what they want. Your blog should be the same way. 

Don’t think of your blog as a selling tool either. Selling comes later. What we are trying to do is build a relationship. Later on you’ll already have the relationship to help you close. 

Imagine a first date. You don’t start the date going in for the kiss, you start by talking, asking questions, finding out more about that person. As the rapport builds up, at the end of the night you might go in for the kiss. (Dutch courage helps too!) 

2. Long term SEO benefits

SEO is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Search Engine Optimisation. It’s all about being found on Google when people are searching for you. So how can your blog help you? Easy. 

As you create content, more and more content about your industry, product, service; Google (and the other search engines) start to consider you to be an authority on that subject. What does that mean? Well, they will want to show your results to people searching as it’s all about them offering the best possible content. 

This doesn’t happen overnight and this is NOT your main goal, but this is a bonus that will come over time. Slowly but surely your website will be found for information about that particular topic, question or blog post. 

I’ve over simplified SEO here. There are lots of things that affect google rankings now, and no one (except Google themselves) really knows exactly how. But creating great content on your site as part of your blog is one of the sure fire ways to help you in the long run. 

3. Customers want to see companies that are dynamic online

Think of the last time you were searching for a company or service online. When you find a couple of options, you go to one website, it looks like it was built 3 years ago and there is nothing identifying the site as being up to date. Another website has latest news, with articles from the last 2 weeks. Which one are you more likely to choose? 

The stats show that websites with more pages / content, are far more likely to generate leads. 

The stats are, websites with 400+ pages generate 10x more leads than sites with less than 100 pages.  

Don’t panic about these stats. I’m not saying you have to write 400 pages of content for your site right now. but you’d be amazed how quickly this builds up. If you are willing to write 2 blog posts per week, by the end of year one you’ll already have 104 new pages of content. Think about it that way. More often you write and the more often you post, the quicker you’ll get there.  

4. You want to outperform your competition 

Your blog allows you to do all of the above, which is great. The biggest bonus is to outperform your competitors. A lot of companies are sitting on their hands trying to work out if, when and what they will be posting on their blog. Don’t fall in to the same trap. 
Create a plan (here’s a FREE guide to help you with your Content Marketing Plan) and stick to it. Create content that adds value, shows who you are and that will help your prospects get involved with you and your business. 

5. It showcases who you are as a company

Think of your blog as a stage and your posts as your performances. Every time you post, you are performing to your audience and showing them who you are. It’s a great way to show your experience, authority, knowledge and at the same time, show people what you are really like. Companies that offer lots of free information, guides, help, things like that, they come across as being a far friendlier company than the one who makes you pay before they give anything at all. 

I like to think our blog really helps people to identify with us, with who we are and what we believe in. We want to help people with their digital marketing at the end of the day. So we try to create as much valuable content as possible. Adding blogs, videos, FB live sessions, our FREE FB Group: It’s All About Digital Marketing and more. 

We keep doing this as we want YOU to get the most out of your experience with us. What better way than our blog. 

If you’re stuck with your blog, why you should set it up, what you can write about, anything like that, simply get in touch and we’ll help you out, no strings attached. Alternatively you can join our FB Group: It’s All About Digital Marketing and get free tips, hints online on an almost daily basis. 

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Good luck with your blog! 

Chris - written whilst day-dreaming about playing golf with Happy Gilmore!