My new best friend!

Last week I received my new camera. I had not felt this way towards buying something in a while; it reminded me of the feeling a child has whilst celebrating Christmas. That feeling was pure excitement. It had arrived a day before a photoshoot I was invited to by our new client 'My Special Occasion' which added to my happiness even more.

They were holding a Photoshoot for their new magazine and fair coming out in October. The theme of the shoot was wedding occasions, complete with models, fashionable wedding attire. The venue was absolutely stunning, it was able to work really well with the shoot. There were also other photographers at the shoot so they graciously were able to give me tips when working at photo shoots and were able to enlighten me on their own personal experiences as photographers.

The fashion designers were able to complement my style of photography because I was able to communicate to and direct the models with ease. It was such a humbling experience to have and I was able to exchange contact details with a few of the models and designers, and we all hoped to collaborate soon in the near future. 

Now that I am able to have a camera I will be able to keep it with me through everyday life. I try to capture as much as possible just to help myself practice. I will be getting myself more equipment along the way, I have purchased some reflectors and a light for the camera so far. I want to get myself one or two more lenses but I will also have to think of the costs that will come with these accessories. 

I aim to improve as a photographer so that the next time I meet with the Fashion Designers and models I can show them what I have done since we last met.

I can only showcase a few pictures from the shoot as the magazine has not been published yet. I can not wait to start doing my weekly videos again but this time with the new camera.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan