Getting Started on Instagram!

Getting started on Instagram! 

We’ve never really put a lot of credence in to our own Instagram account at Social INK. There’s no excuses (at least none that are justifiable) it just wasn’t a priority for us. We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and we try to keep all the profiles as active as possible. But Instagram managed to slip through the net, until now! 

Now we really want to give the Facebook owned, multi billion dollar business a chance to show us what it can really do! We know how powerful it has been for others and we know how big the Instagram influencer market can be, but we wanted to see it grow and show you how you can do the same. 

1.Getting started

It’s all about images, so it was important for us to be able to create these images easily, quickly and then be able to post them. So we looked around at what software was available to do this. There are a few: WordSwag, Canva, Pixlr and others. We personally chose WordSwag. it’s quick and easy, gives you access to tons of stock imagery and even has a quote generator for that day when you get stuck! 

2.Adding value

We try to make sure that our posts add some value to our audience. Why? Simple, we’re not doing this for us, we’re doing it for everyone else. So sharing useful tips, hints, quotes etc is a great way for us to continue building on our company philosophy, ALWAYS ADD MASSIVE VALUE! So we try to come up with posts that will have a positive impact on our audience. 

3.The infamous hashtags

We wanted to find the best practices for posting on Instagram and so we researched it a lot. We wanted to understand how others had achieved great results and one of the first things we noticed is that the hashtags people use are very important. It’s all well and good using #breakfast when it comes to your personal account, but what is going to help you reach people that actually want to view your posts. 

With a bit of research online we found websites like, they help people to identify what the most popular hashtags in a particular sector are. From there we were able to start testing which ones worked best for us. 

A bit of free help here, on your phone, have a note with your best hashtags, have it ready to go. Post your pic with a comment, then straight away after, add a comment with your hashtags in it! Having them saved and ready to go is going to help you save SO much time! 

4.Post regularly

When I say this, I don’t mean once a day! I’m talking as many times a day as you can! If you want to pick up traction when it comes to your account, starting posting valuable content as often as possible. 2/3/4/5 times a day. You’ll see the impact it has on building your audience. 
We’re in the process of testing and trying out new hashtags, new posts, different formats, but the important thing to remember is: 

“Always be testing!” It’s not because you think one style works well, or a particular set of hashtags is helping you get likes, try everything, try different things, keep building up your profile, but monitor what works and what doesn’t for you and your business. 

Want to see how we’re doing? Feel free to check this out. We’re tracking the no of posts, and no of followers as we continue our experimentation. - Instagram Followers - Social INK 

Written by Chris, whilst sipping a beer under the moonlight! No better time to write!