What does success look like in your business?

It’s come to my attention that TOO MANY small business owners use money as the metric by which they define success. It’s worrying to see this, but when we dig a little deeper, we usually find that people that want to help people, solve a problem, build a great product, end up being more financially successful. 

Why is that? 

There’s a great author and self-help guru, Simon Sinek that wrote the book Start With Why. It’s a great read if you are interested in it. It talks about getting back to the roots of why we set up our company in the first place and it helps us not to lose focus. 

I have a client and good friend, who’s business is to help people. He offers personal training and coaching to people who suffer with Type 2 Diabetes. Is this the best way for him to make a lot of money? No! 

But his underlying why, to help people, a specific group of people, with a struggle / problem, sometimes a life threatening disease, if a far more important why for him and his clients. 

Yes, he makes money as a result, but look at that phrase.

He makes money as a result. 

His beliefs are not set in making money. In fact, he could probably make a lot more money if he helped with people achieve beach bodies, like so many companies have in the past. But it’s not HIS why. 

Since starting, he’s had a great success. Most of all, when one of his clients, who was told would always suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, was actually cleared of the disease completely after several months of changing diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. That’s an amazing result and that’s his WHY! He wants to help these people. 

As a result, he gets paid for doing something he loves and helping people! 

So I ask you, what problem are you solving? What are you doing that really helps your customers, your prospects, your audience online? 

Is your success rooted in your bank account? Or is it rooted in helping 100, 1000 or a 1 million people with a specific problem and making their life better! 

I’d love to hear from you and get a better feel for what you are doing and how it’s working out for you. octopus@socialink.co