Last week a new events company signed a contract with Social INK, the company is an event management company who are looking for a new logo and website.

Chris had me come along to the meeting and listen to the client's requirements, I was really excited to be working on this project, especially after learning about Wordpress in my classes.

The first task I was set was coming up with a domain name, I did not want it to be too long or too short, so I came up with about five or six ideas. Chris had also come up with a few of his own, once that was done we sent it off to the client and awaited their feedback.

The response was great, the client loved some of the names that were jotted down and decided to try and mix two of their favourites. Next step was choosing a theme for the for the website.

From speaking to the client, I was told what style and colours they was looking for, so I gathered a number of themes together to showcase to the clients on the next visit.

Next step for me is designing the Logo. I have started drawing up a few ideas. I am still trying to think what would be best to design.

I am really happy for the amount of responsibility given to me for this client, Chris told me he will show me how to use WordPress. So I am looking forward to working alongside with Chris on this project.

Thank you guys for reading another blog of mine and thank you for the new followers from twitter.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan