Learning from my mistakes!

So my new video is out “Walk down memory lane!” this time, I took Chris’ advice in writing my script before starting to edit my video, it worked out for me because after I spent my time recording I knew exactly what to write. I thought of what to write whilst I was recording. I was building the story as I was going along.

When I was recording my clips I was trying my hardest to keep a steady hand, catch straight shots as before a couple used to be slanted and I took Chris’ advice again with my panning as before I would pan left to right then pan back to the left. These slight improvements made my final edit look more clean and professional.

In college, I did not really enjoy video editing but since I have started doing it here at Social INK I feel like this time round is more interesting. I want to really master my editing skills. When I was younger I attempted to do music videos for friends, the editing side of things is where I used to struggle.

In the near future, I would like to record music related videos alongside doing my photography. Once I get myself a DSLR I really want to start stepping things up. I enjoy having the chance to improve these skills as Media is what I enjoy doing since school taking part in anything that is to do with media was the only thing I really focused and took part in.

I am now in the process of thinking of what my next video will be but I am aiming to make it stand out,  Before signing out I just want to thank everybody for taking the time to read my blogs I hope you guys can see my improvements too. Feel free to send me any feedback to my twitter @NathanJ94_ . I am appreciative of all the feedback I have received so far.

Take care. 
Nathan Jordan