Attempting to become more creative.

On Monday Chris asked me to design a picture with a chart of the most-used applications on smartphones. I was shown an example of what he was looking for. So I put my thinking cap on and got to work.

One thing I did I took a picture of my phone on a Canon 700D. I took it from many angles, I had the vision of creating a chart sticking out of the phone with the figures on it.

Now I that the picture is uploaded I went on to youtube to learn how to make the chart 3D it took me a while to learn how to do it, after a while I believe I got lucky.

It took me a good couple of hours to re-create the chart. Once I got the chart correct I added it to the picture of the phone. I was happy with how it was starting to turn out.

I am happy I thought of making the picture from scratch rather than getting a stock image offline also making a 3D chart rather than making a flat object.

When I sent over a rough copy of the design to Chris, he gave me excellent feedback, he was impressed with what he saw and liked the fact I designed everything from scratch.

I definitely wanted to be more adventurous with my designs. After designing the brochures, my first few attempts were quite boring, so I wanted to hit this nail on the head and get this design looking great from the start.

Hope you guys like the end result, I will definitely try to design more pictures from scratch and having my own touch to it.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan