Non stop progression

I have now officially started to use Adobe InDesign, I thought it would be quite hard to use but it is very similar to Photoshop. Chis explained to me that InDesign is good for designing Brochures and Magazines so I should definitely start practising on it. On Friday I was playing around with it, just getting a little feel for the software. Then today I have been redesigning the latest Brochure I designed on Photoshop.

It took me a little while to get an understanding of what I was doing, I was able to create an 18 page Brochure on there. Chris also told me that I will be able to import Photoshop PSD files into Indesign and place them where I would like them. Once I completed the brochure I was so proud of myself as it has been on my list of goals to learn InDesign & Illustrator. I will be using InDesign more often to get more practice.

I am definitely going to attempt to create a Magazine as I have wanted to have my own in the past. I wanted to make a magazine about fashion. I wanted to create this just for my portfolio. I have always thought it would be cool to say I have designed my own magazine. I did not want to even publish it online but I want to be able to say I took the pictures and designed this whole magazine.

Thinking about it now I may have to book a photography studio and start to take pictures of some of my friends in their best outfits and make an article on it. I like having these crazy thoughts from time to time. I would like to think it makes me creative.

Stay tuned guys as I will be showcasing this work within the next couple of days. I really want to thank everyone for the love and support from my last video I was shocked at the amount of feedback . I have never received so much response from the work I put out. I was getting compliments from family abroad and friends I have not spoken to in years. It is absolutely humbling I must say.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan