3 Months into my Apprenticeship

Officially three months into my apprenticeship. How exciting it has been so far. I have put together this short video showcasing my work over the last few months. It was quite cool to be able to look back at everything and put it all into one video. I had help from my teacher Ken, he helped me by recording a few clips of me working.

We also got the class involved. I recorded the class and asked to get their feedback on the video. They have not seen the end product yet but they saw half of it in class on Monday whilst I was still editing it. I look forward to showing them the video and getting their feedback. It is a really nice feeling getting the support from the class.

Even the feedback I get from people outside of work. I get family members and friends from Facebook telling me that they have seen my work and that they can see my improvements, in a lot of the work I put out. Well, I will now leave you guys to watch the video. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment box with any feedback you wish to give.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan