Yesterday I had my evening class and decided to ask my fellow classmates for feedback on a brochure I have been trying to design for a week or so. I designed two other versions already but Chris asked to make it stick out more, the first two designs were really boring I must say but I have realised when I design I always aim to just fit everything in and be happy, or I think because I did this last time it will work this time.

It is quite a poor mindset to have as the design is not for me, it is to attract customers. Yesterday I spent the whole day working on the design and I really wanted to nail it this time round, I understand it may not be perfect, I am open to criticism and feedback I believe they make you a better person at the end of the day.

So at the end of my working day I headed to class, I told my teacher about my project on designing the brochure and asked if I could get the classes feedback, everyone in class was so supportive, all throughout the class they kept giving me little tips on what they think would work or what they dislike about it.

To have the opportunity to sit with the whole class and analyse my work was just a great feeling. In certain situations you would sometimes think “They may not want to help me” but there is no harm in asking friends or family to just take a little time to sit with you and go through what it is you are actually working on.

A few of my classmates even shared some the projects they are working on and what it is they are struggling with. I believe it brought the class closer together. There were a few students that I only spoke to properly for the first time yesterday, I had such a positive feeling after class yesterday.

I will also be taking on the feedback from my classmates and work on making the design better. Two things I really learnt from this is:

1.Take the time to properly make a design look good (Having standards)
2.Do not be afraid to ask for help.

I have a lot of support around me. I should have really asked from the get go. My pride can get the better of me at times. I am going to sign out by complimenting the weather, I must say having a little bit of sun has been nice over the last few days. So guys my advice to you is.
Enjoy it while it lasts!

Take Care
Nathan Jordan