It was good to be back (Part 2)

The video is finally here. It was really fun to be given the chance to film at the Dragon’s Den event as it is how I got my apprenticeship three months ago. I must say, editing this video was not easy, it has been the most difficult piece I have done so far. This is the first time I have done a voice over, with pictures and video clips with sound so it was quite challenging to fit it all in.

At the beginning, I did not think this would turn out to be a five-minute video. If I am given the chance to come and record the event again I would bring along a mic to leave near the projector screen, just so that I could get better audio of the teams and maybe a second camera angle to catch more crowd reaction too.

I am happy with the final edit, I think I mixed the videos well with the pictures. Now to just get all your opinions… I hope you guys enjoy this video as much I do. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @NathanJ94_ and send through any feedback you wish to share.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan