Ethiopia blocks Social Media during exam times

I don’t know if you guys have seen this story in the news today, but this is crazy, but also possibly a great idea. A country blocking social media... But maybe for a good reason?

I know a fair few of my classmates and friends that were distracted during our exams, and that was a LONG time before social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram. Our distractions included a games consoles and possibly even some comic books. The truth is, it didn’t matter, we would have done just about ANYTHING not to have studied back then.

Fast forward to today, every kid above the age of 10 seems to have a smart phone. A lot of them have a newer model than I do. They’re attached to the thing 24/7. They communicate with their thumbs, they look up rarely and they tend to grunt occasionally to agree or to disagree with those around them.

So, during exam season, when they need to keep their concentration and their focus at an all time high, what can parents do, other than maybe disconnect the wifi, block the mobile phone account or just straight up start removing devices from their children, by placing them all in a wheelbarrow (yes there are that many).

Everything is connected. Whether it’s the TV, the telephone, the tablet, the games console, the laptop, the desktop, i can’t think of another types to tops, but it still stands. So as a government wide plan, blocking the Social Media websites seems like a great way to keep their concentration focused on what they need to.

The quote that summed this up the best for me, "It's a temporary measure until Wednesday. Social media have proven to be a distraction for students," said spokesman Getachew Reda. from the BBC article

It’s causing a bit of a stir, as countries shouldn’t be able to control access to the internet, it’s censorship, but I bet there are a lot of parents that would love to be able to help their kids to focus that little bit more.