Brexit: How does it affect your business?

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about how bad things are right now with the chaos that is Brexit. The markets have tumbled and the pound is worthless… What are we all going to do? Should we just give up now? In my opinion NO… What we all need to do is stop drinking the "kool-aid". Right now the only thing that is actually in bad shape is the Pound. Other than that there really isn’t much proof either way that everything has gone wrong.

The FTSE 100, which dropped massively on the result of the referendum, is now trading above it’s pre-brexit level. Doesn’t seem so dramatic does it? In fact the last 3 days from writing this post, its risen day on day.

"The Government is falling apart". This is sort of true, but complete rubbish at the same time. It comes to down to individuals leaving, shake ups in people and the new up and coming PM to take over the negotiations of our exit from the EU. Other than that, Government is still functioning (working as well as it did before). So that’s not too bad. Its simply new people in new positions, but the fundamentals are still very much here and present.

What about the £? - That’s the only bit of bad news. How badly it affects you really depends on your business, how much you import, but for the majority of people, what it’s really going to affect is how much your holiday is going to cost. That’s about it. If your going to Europe or the USA you’re going to feel it, it’s more expensive than it used to be.

Other than that, how bad is it really going to get?

Who knows right now, but what I will say is, right now we are still very much IN Europe. Until the PM triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty there is nothing for us to do but Keep Calm and Carry On! Seriously! Even then, it’s going to take another 2 years of negotiations before we know exactly what the out means.

Don’t get embroiled in the fear and turmoil that is spinning around. It’s time to pull your selves up and get on with it. Right now the best thing you can do is work hard, save money and hold fire on any crazy decisions, like moving to the Amazon to live with Monkeys. It’s not ideal and what comes next is hugely unknown to everyone, but it’s NOT that bad.

I started this company in September 2008, and watched as the Lehman Brothers went under and the world's largest financial crisis unveiled itself. Guess what, here we are, it's 2016 and we're still here. If that didn't kill us, we won't be letting Brexit, that's for sure. 

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Chris Bruno