Building a website.

In my last blog “Working with time” I mentioned working on a new website for a Photographer & Painter. I showed Chris my attempts of designing the home page and he had given me some positive feedback. Chris also shared some tips with me that would make things easier. One thing I did do wrong was attempting to just teach myself by just clicking through tabs to see what they do and editing pages that are live really I should have just asked rather than making a mess. Luckily I did not make drastic changes to the live pages and I was able to change them back quite easily but that could have gone terribly wrong.

So on Monday, Chris went through how I can create my own pages, add galleries, action buttons and even link pages together. That piece of information was very helpful, I was able to make much cleaner pages. I still kept my old version just so that I could compare the difference. I am proud of the progress I have done so far. One thing I have known for a while is; it may look good to you but the client may want it looking a whole lot different compared to how you designed it.

Before starting this new layout I looked at a number of other photography websites to see how they are laid out just to gain some inspiration. It helped to widen my thinking rather than just designing what I initially had in mind. Having being set this project here is really convenient to me because, in my evening classes with Tech City, we are covering Web design and doing all of this outside of my classes will help me be prepared for when we actually start to build a website in class.

So far I can say this has been my favourite project so far on my Apprenticeship. In this short two months as an Apprentice, I have covered so much, I have been given so many opportunities already. I did not think I would enjoy doing web design so much.

I aim to showcase my work to you guys by next week. I am excited to share my work with everybody. Thank you guys for reading another blog. I feel like I am getting the hang of this now.

Take Care

Nathan Jordan