Working with time!

So this week I have been working from home on my own... I spent the week working on the website for the photographer & painter. I carried out changes I initially had in mind. I designed a layout which I thought would work. Throughout the week, I thought of different ways of having the layout of the online portfolios.

Chris was away this week so I was just working on the things on my to-do list. The thing I learnt the most this week was remaining focused on my own. My days were productive I spent one day working on my Tech City homework. 

My teacher for Tech City has been away for the week also so it was quite different compared to how we normally do things. Before he left he had set the class homework to be done by next week so I feel happy that I was able to remain on top of things on my own it made me feel more confident with my work.

This week definitely made me more confident in just getting on with what needs to be done instead of waiting to see what I am being told to do. If it needs to be done then I know to just get on with it. Before I would wait for Chris to write up what needs to be done for the week then tick if off.

This week is back to the office for me. Working from home definitely had a nice touch to it but I am ready to be back in the office, I look forward to sharing what I created for this website. Thank you guys for reading yet another blog of mine I love the support I have around me and I also would like for you guys to interact with me on twitter @NathanJ94_.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan