Thinking outside the box!

Last week I thought about being more creative. I am thinking of being more adventurous with my filming and designing. I want to try and design a snapchat filter… It sounds crazy but I can imagine that companies that hold events may find that quite handy. I thought of making a Social INK one for when I am out filming just so that people can see half of the crazy stuff I see on my journey sometimes. For making my videos more adventurous, I want to try to get some nice angles, better still shots and less slanted shots too.

I think improving my filming and editing skills will be really beneficial. I am looking to get a new DSLR within the next month or so... (A birthday present to myself.)

I think it will be great to improve those skills by the time I get the camera so that I can then continue my weekly videos from the DSLR. Before I started at Social INK I wanted to do weekly challenges for myself to keep busy while I was not working. I believe I should continue with those kind of challenges, just to keep the mind occupied.

Also with designing now. I feel confident on photoshop but still feel like I have a lot to learn, I want to start to learn how to make 3D objects and how to edit RAW/JPEG images. I am going to try schedule a photoshoot just so that I can improve my editing skills. I think that learning these skills outside of work can help me on the job too. You never know what clients could ask for, I believe to even be able to showcase these things to a client can be useful.

I hope to start working on some of these challenges soon and start having some on show. If I do make a Snapchat filter I will make a new Snapchat and get you guys to follow my journey on my apprenticeship. Thank you guys for reading this blog I know it is quite different compared to my other blogs but I believe this side project will be good for me in the long run.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan