One big headache!

I have finished my second voice over video and I have made the same mistake twice of recording my audio after editing my video. I do not know why I keep thinking it is a good idea but the first time was not actually a big problem. I remember I only had to miss out one sentence out of my whole script.

This time, I had to do a lot of chopping out of my video and text, I got through it but I definitely learned my lesson here because Chris did tell me the first time that my script should be recorded before the edit. But I thought it could not make that much of a difference. One trouble I had was, one of my clips was too short but my sentence ran over and having to try to cut down the sentence so that it could match the video and still be able to tell a story was quite crazy.

Another issue I realised is that I am not watching back my clips after recording them. Chris pointed out that some of my shots are not straight and it can make the video look sloppy. Other than that I was happy with my edit. I am going to try different techniques on my next video. One thing I liked that I did, this time, was the comic book feature for the intro & outro. It gave the video a different feel, the backing track I felt matched the story as well. 

Things I would have done differently:

- Record my script first
- Get extra clips to add in between
- Use words that are easy to articulate.
- Less slanted text

In my script, some sentences were a bit hard to read out loud at a certain speed. Quite a few times I found myself making up my own words, even reading a completely different sentence to what is written down. So I definitely want to take more time with the script and avoid using certain words which are harder to articulate.

Chris told me I will start filming once a week now. So I need to make sure I am coming out with good content and good filming ideas. I am going to try to give these videos a creative feel and try to develop another filming style.

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Take Care
Nathan Jordan