Marketing in London

This week I filmed marketing in London and I actually had a good time. You do not realise the amount of marketing you see on a day to day basis.

The smallest of things that catch your eye are still marketing. In my video I show CO-OP giving out free food to promote themselves, then later that day I saw around five pieces of advertising for them at the train station. The funny thing is I did not notice any of them when I got to the station that morning

The weather was really nice and on my journey I was given more free samples from street food owners near Box Park. Near the train station Lurpak was giving away free butter and food stalls near Box Park were giving away samples of their food also. One of my filming days I did not actually need to buy lunch because I was given so much food on my journey.

Letting customers taste your food for free can be beneficial in the long run, if they enjoyed what was given to them they will be more than happy to return and buy. I have noticed that everyone seems friendlier when the sun is out. You see a lot of people having a good time, dressed in their summer wear.

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Take care.

Nathan Jordan