Approaching three months into my apprenticeship and my skills are improving remarkably. It is scary to think three months have gone by already. Looking back to when I first started here at Social INK my writing was quite poor. I thought I was quite good with my spelling and how I worded things but I had to improve it with reading and also reading my content back to myself to make sure it made sense. I would say I have definitely improved my writing. 

When I read over my work I find fewer mistakes compared to when I first started. Chris would normally highlight sentences I wrote that did not make much sense so that I could go back over and edit. Now it is only small adjustments to be made.

In my blog (Building a website) I spoke about how I have learnt to use Squarespace and how much I enjoy using it. I am confident in myself to build parts of a website. I know there is still a lot to learn but the things I have learnt already in this short space of time is amazing. Yesterday at my evening class they had us building our own websites by hand coding them. It is quite a difficult technique but also very interesting. We did not get too far into it as our teacher told us that our next class will be focused on building the site.

Now before I started my apprenticeship I knew would be covering Web design but I did not think I would be understanding it so quick, I do believe there is still a lot that I need to learn but I am proud of the level I am at. I had a conversation with Jonathan, one of the Business Development Executives at LDN grp. He asked me how I was getting on with my apprenticeship, what am I enjoying most and how is it working with Chris. My reply was yeah everything is fine I am enjoying my apprenticeship and I am absolutely loving the Web design project I am doing.

…I can not repeat what I said working with Chris is like….

Only joking! I told him working with Chris is great, I learn a lot from him. One thing Jonathan said was “I remember when you first started you guys were going to meetings together and doing a lot of work together is it still the same.” and that made me think there was a time where Chris was keeping a close eye on me at the beginning just in case I needed any help but now it has changed. We still go to a few meetings together but I get to work in the office without Chris around or even work from home. I get set tasks to do and I just got to make sure they are done. I believe Chris has more confidence in me. I know if ever need any help I can send him a message and he will get back to me fast with the help.

After the conversation with Jonathan, I thought back to myself on how much I have learnt. Things like the brochure design, how that made me look at designing different and also helped me with trying to think outside the box and even my filming sessions learning how to use Final Cut Pro again. These are things that I have covered in three months. I can not imagine the level my skills will be at six months down the line or even just another three.

Definitely, a nice feeling to write about this subject as I know how nervous I was writing my very first blog and now being able to write one without a single piece of discomfort. I want to say thanks to everyone that takes the time to read my blogs and want to also thank the people who give feedback. It is a nice feeling to know your work is being noticed.

Take care.
Nathan Jordan