Man Flu!

London weather has not been on my side. I have been caught twice by London showers. The first time I got caught was during my week that I was working from home. I went out one of the days and got caught in the rain without a jacket or umbrella. The next day I woke up feeling rough,

I felt a sore throat coming on and I refused to let the cold take over. I bought myself some strepsils and cough medicine. I tackled it from early so that I could be ready for work Monday, I did not want to be going back to work feeling under the weather.

On Monday, I went to work feeling a whole lot better than I did over the weekend before. I had a little cough but I knew I was getting better. The weather was nice up until Wednesday. What makes it worst is that I wore a thin jumper that day because the sun was out. Just after lunch time I was making my way back to the office and I got drenched all over again.

When I got back my jumper was dripping, my trainers felt like I was carrying a river and my T-shirt was heavy because of how wet it was. I had to leave the office early because when it started to dry I started to feel cold. As I was on the train my sneezes became more frequent and my nose kept running.

When I got home I had the worst headache known to man and had a temperature. I had no choice but to just wrap up in bed and suffer.

( Man Flu is real )

So the past two days I spent them at home again drinking honey and lemon trying to recover. Today I am feeling a whole lot better than I did yesterday and Wednesday but I am on the road of escaping this man flu. My chest is still feeling like a battlefield but I got Cavonia on my side.

It is now Monday. Back to the office with no excuse. I am going to be back in top form ready to work. I feel like I have been slacking because of this cold but Chris told me to just get better and be ready for today.

Thank you guys for reading another of my blogs I just wanted to write this blog for those who have experienced Man Flu in the past.

Take Care
Nathan Jordan