Starting without a plan?

On average I meet with 5-6 companies a week to discuss what they want to achieve online. Many of these companies are successful. they’re generating revenue, bringing on new customers and are ultimately in pretty good financial shape. Most of them are looking for a way to generate more leads and create more awareness online and ultimately they turn to us, asking us to help them create an awesome digital campaign. 

One of my first questions is usually, what’s the goal? What are we trying to achieve? Short-term, mid-term and long-term? 

Most companies can’t answer this question. As a result, we often end up helping them with their strategy and goals before even engaging on their campaign ideas. 

You see it’s a common misconception that it’s a cool campaign that will win the hearts of your prospective clients. Invariably, especially when it comes to digital marketing, it’s an ongoing battle made up of hard work, continual posting and always moving towards your goals. 

But when you don’t know what those goals are, it’s easy to get distracted. To end up working on a side project of an ebook, or making Facebook adverts that don’t really test your target audiences, and even sometimes end up with companies working on something that has no real relevance to their goals at all. 

So why have a plan? 

It’s simple really. Any time you are starting something new for your digital marketing, you can look back on what your plan. Does this fit with our goals and objectives? Will this action bring me closer to the results I am look to achieve? These are the questions that should be asked, and if the answer is NO, then move away, regardless how cool or fun the idea may be. 

Too many business, especially in the SME space, get side tracked by doing things that seem fun. At first it’s a great idea, do something different and people will engage. Ultimately if it doesn’t fit in to what you are trying to achieve, you are simply doing it to keep yourself occupied and alleviate boredom. 

Ask yourself these 3 questions and start building a plan around it: 

  1. Why and how did we start doing what we do? - Take a quick look at your history. It’s the surest path to go back to your roots and remember what it is that you are trying to achieve as a company/organisation.                                                                                                          
  2. What do we want to achieve? Make these SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-framed). Make sure you have chosen the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). If all you are trying to do is make money, then you may well find it’s a bigger challenge than you thought. Aim to fulfil the WHY you started the company!                               
  3. What do you need to do to achieve the goals in questions 2? - Break this down in to all the different elements. Different social platforms, marketing strategies, campaigns and budgets that you can allocate. Once you’ve started doing this, your plan will start to come together. 

With these 3 questions answered in a written document, you will now be able to stop and ask yourself whether your next “fun/crazy/different” marketing campaign is taking you closer to your goals or further away. Make sure you know what you and your company is trying to accomplish and then move towards it.

If you need help with your Digital Strategy, why not get in touch. One of our consultants would be happy to talk through where you are currently at and where you want to get to. We can even help you to develop your complete strategy, working with you to identify your why, your goals and even campaigns that will help you achieve them. 

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