My first month!

I can’t believe a whole month has gone by already. There is so much I have learnt since working here at Social INK. I am really glad on how much I have learnt in the last four weeks. In the last two weeks I was able to show my creative skills by designing PDF brochure presentation packs and I also got to do my filming project in Shoreditch.

I keep getting told by family and friends that I seem so happy working here. Which I am, not everyone gets the chance to work in the field they love. So this opportunity is so important to me.

In the next two weeks I will be starting my evening classes back with Tech City Stars. I’m quite excited to start the classes because I will be learning some of the adobe programmes i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, and also learning Final Cut Pro. Learning these programmes has always something I’ve wanted to do so I am ready to go get started.

At the same time as being excited, I am quite nervous about handling all the work, it is going to be stressful but I accepted this apprenticeship knowing so. Having to balance Tech City Stars work and also Social INK is the only thing that has me worried. I am a person who expects the worst, even when I joined Social INK I expected to be drowning in work, so I try to stay on top of things the best way I can to avoid panicking .

Last week I got to meet up with my tutor from Tech City Stars. It was to see how I am settling at work, the start date of the classes and also setting goals for the year. Setting the goals was good for me. One of the goals I made sure I got down was improving my writing. Because in school I always thought I know how to spell most words, I thought that was good enough at the time, but when it comes to blog writing, and even when I had to send emails for job applications, knowing when to use punctuation was and still is a problem for me. I have definitely improved since but still would like to get better.

I was told reading will definitely help me improve but I will be set writing tasks when I start the classes, I know have definitely got better at writing little things like making sure I use capital ‘I’ and also shortening my sentences because I hardly used full stops just always used commas.

As much as I am quite nervous, I am really confident. I know I will continue to do good work and I will never stop learning, I have to stop worrying about my negatives, I need to just remain focused and not let my fears take over.

Fingers crossed that all goes well. Thank you all for the support and feedback I have been receiving, it is really helpful. Stay tuned for my second blog for the week.

Take Care.
Nathan Jodan.