Using Social Media to ADD value, not to sell!

Building an audience on social media is just one part of your digital marketing journey. The truth is, trying to sell directly on social media isn’t usually the way forward. You need to build your engagement with your audience, nurture their trust and most importantly add value to them on these platforms. 

How do we do this? 

We create content that our audience wants to read/watch, that helps them with an issue or a topic that they might be struggling with at the moment. The idea is to give back before trying to take something. If you are willing to give them valuable content for free, they will be far more likely to decide to buy something from you. 

When creating a campaign for a client, we will discuss in detail who the audience is. What the demographic is, and most importantly what do they want from our clients. From there we can build a plan. 

This can include interesting short videos, infographics that help prospects understand the business or industry space, written blogs that explain a particular part of the industry or it can just be some helpful advice/guidance. The point is, we have to give before we can hope to receive. 

So why do so many people just start pushing to sell straightaway? 
Simple, they haven’t understood the benefits of building up an audience. They don’t realise how important it is that your audience trust you and understand you and your brand. It’s not about SELL SELL SELL… It’s actually about GIVE GIVE GIVE. In the long term, they will reward you. 

So ask yourself the following 3 questions today: 

  1. Who is your audience? What is their demographic, what do they want, what adds value to them. 
  2. What can you give them? The best options, formats, platforms, how do you get this message in front of them. 
  3. How can I continue to add value? What’s the ongoing value that you will continue to give your audience, more newsletters, more free guides, more videos, whatever it might be. 

Once you know this, stop making excuses and get on with it. Start giving back and you will reap the rewards later down the line. 

If you need some help going through this and understanding how you can offer more value to your prospects, give us a call on 0208 123 5910 or email us on and one of our consultants will happily help you through the process, making sure you know how to keep adding value. 

Look forward to seeing what you do next.