Gaining new skills!

Before I started my apprenticeship I never thought I'd get into website management, web designing and even coding. On my second week, I was given the opportunity to edit a website for a sportswear company. It was really fun it took some time to get the hang of it but I enjoyed doing it. After I completed that task I was given another chance to edit another client's website, this time, I was doing changes that were more important. I learnt how to build pages on Squarespace and even how to publish a website.

I have been working nearly two months and I have already taken part in publishing a brand new website is just really humbling. Yesterday I spoke to Chris and he told me there is a new website that I will be redesigning and publishing for a new client. This new client is a photographer and painter and as I have a strong passion for photography I feel really honoured to be given a chance to be a part of this. In my whole time of designing never did I think I would be designing websites and even managing them.

I do hope to work with Chris after my year as an apprenticeship is done, because this opportunity has changed my life for the better. My CV contained retail and security. Now I can actually put down “Web design, Graphic design, website management and even social media management” under experience. This has just opened many doors for me, that is why I do not want to fall behind again. This opportunity is something many would wish for, I really want to give the best I can and work my hardest.

My evening classes started last week Monday and the current unit is web design and coding. This will assist me so much for my new project of designing the new website. We were given the chance to try coding. I must say I found it really confusing at first but once you get a slight understanding of it, it is really interesting. We have not gone in too deep just yet but we are spending time making sure the whole class has an understanding of what coding is.

I am just approaching two months into my apprenticeship and I could not be happier I am learning absolutely amazing things I can not wait to see the level I am at next year. I am still really humbled because I am getting to learn things I have wanted to learn plus more. I have to really give thanks to Chris for seeing the potential in me. Whenever we have our reviews with my apprentice tutor, Chris always has positive things to say about me, which helps me throughout this journey.

Once I finish the new website I am designing I shall write another blog about it and show you guys. Thank you guys for keeping up to date with all my blogs, honestly, it is motivating to know I have everyone's support on this.

Take care
Nathan Jordan